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Friday, October 4, 2013

A Visit to My Alma Mater

Before I start..check out some vines which are absolutely cute/hilarious hahaha!

This puppy is too cute omg haha

I watched this last night and kept laughing..I repeated this vine for like 10 times and still can't stop laughing hahaha!
I just love it when someone got smacked on the face hehe

I woke up early today to fetch my sis to library and to get my IC.
The new Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN) for Kajang is located at the bus stop..I did my IC 2 weeks ago..and I noticed something
Most of Kajang people went to Putrajaya instead to get their IC done..I renewed my IC once in Putrajaya and it was hell..I waited for half day just to get it done
Yes, you'll get the card much faster..like 3 days or a week..I can't remember
but when the office first started there..U can get the IC on the same day
Kajang people like to visit Putrajaya I guess..
I got my IC done within minutes in the Kajang branch cuz there were absolutely no queue!
So..Don't so kiasu go Putrajaya k? haha!

Okay..my main topic here
I visited J4 cuz it's just halfway to my home..Something inside my snapped and I thought to myself..I must turn in at the junction! 
I find myself asking "what's the plan, Ron?" hahaha

The first thing I saw after the junction is these restaurants..haha
I don't have fond memories of these restaurants but it felt so nostalgic.
Bra used to have lunch here like all the time I think..haha
 Restoran Yus
 Impian Maju
Remember this junction? Shahirah's extravagant house here haha
 I didn't remember the roads being so small here lol..
 This is where we usually wait for our ride..I guess they finally put the gate to use >.<
I used to park inside this taman everyday haha..
This taman got alot of eyes watching..it's so annoying!
There were a few guys who skipped school and the residents here rat them out..-.-
I skipped once..drove off with my car haha
 O' mighty gate
It looks much nicer now tho
 They have 2 sessions now
 Another banner beside the gate..
Geez..So rich right? They had the gate redone and so many other things redone
It looks much better tho..There were more plants all around the school..It felt really comfortable with the plants all around haha
 Initially I didn't plan to go inside la...So I just took some photos from outside
I thought today is Saturday..I didn't know today is just a normal schooling day lol..
But it isn't just a normal day for them la..Today the form 3 peeps are having PMR..
Weirdly though..they're all wearing co-curriculum attire

 There's a bus inside the school...My gawd...They actually got a bus!

 Shades were built all along the walkway...Damn
Oh..and the students there were staring at me
They don't know I'm one of the alumni there hahaha..Oh my..I'm actually a legit alumni!
J4 peeps..we're part of the batch when J4 had its glorious days..haha
 There's something we had since our time..The statue thingy in the center
I didn't bother to take pics tho haha

 New mural on the wall..This looks nice!

I was very much afraid to walk around there la actually..but as I go on..I kept getting braver hahaha
This view astounded me..My oh my..I totally forgot that they built this huge ass shade!
They got hoops now in the school -.-"

Oh..I met Pn. Nazilah
I totally tried to avoid her but she cornered me hahaha..We had a short chat and it was fun la..She asked me to add her facebook..I can't find her profile..and I really don't want to add my teachers lol
A hashtag would be relevant here.. #howaboutno
btw Guys..This proves that teachers never forget students haha!
I have never been taught by her..but she remembers me well..She could name all of the chinese in our batch haha!

There's this stage thingy in the center..With speakers and all..
Man..This school.

My favourite place in the school..The English corner
I just love the famous Shakespeare's quote on top..It's perfect and it never gets old
I can still see Leana's work all over the school..These murals haha

I went up and stood outside the teachers room..but I didn't wanna go in la
I don't recognise half of the teachers there..Seriously..alot of teachers left the school..I wonder why..
Boy..it would be nice to chat with them

I hurried off after that cuz I don't wanna continue the journey alone haha..
Also..I looked like crap..If I'm going back again..I'll return looking like a superstar hahaha!
I'm sure I can visit again with my friends..Lets make a plan shall we? I had a wonderful morning haha

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Semester Break

 This semester break is just a dull one.. I made it so with no trips planned but I really enjoy relaxing 8)
On the 1st week...I got pulled into joining an event called "Warbeque" by the youth in KAOG..haha
I tweeted this before going haha

However, I changed my mind after seeing how much effort they put into this event. I really thank God for Uncle Bob..He's my spiritual mentor and he did a great job organizing this event =)
I had fun..

We danced alot that night and I would love to talk about a game which they played..Which I thought was genius!
It's a really fun game..but I can't describe the game well..So I shan't haha

Some pics from the event

Oh my dad did this to the car when I was away for weeks facing exams..haha!
Leopard prints..omg xD
Looks so ghetto omg dad
I went shopping ytd..and I spotted this red pants from Uniqlo..
Ahh..It looks so good! but it's just too bad I can't spend anymore money on clothes until it's time for new year clothes T.T

Man...I'm really short right? Sigh..
I've been training for 2 months last semester..and this is my progress pic
Sorry for the partial nudity xD
I feel kinda good with the outcome tho..hehe
I think I spotted beer belly in that pic..Hmm 

I've been letting myself go since finals..So no more this kinda body la..my muscles are hanging low d hahaha
Moving on with my self obsession..

During my finals, the maid had stolen my sis's top..and the pic below is the proof! haha..
I find it humourous la..cuz I hated that top xD
Good riddance lolol..

Apparently the maid had stolen quite alot of stuff..
Oh dear..To think of those days when I left my precious things all around =X
My family had a lovely midsummer celebration..Everybody came and it was festive!
Nothing much to say about it..Gonna let the pics do the talking cuz I'm kinda tired of typing d haha..

Oh..We had one heck of a dinner..There were 8 dishes per table..and we couldn't finish it haha

Before I sign off..Here's a pic taken today
We went strolling around at Jade Hills and my cousin captured this moment.

This pic is really beautiful and I really really love my grandparents =D
I want the world to see this pic cuz I'm so proud of them =)

Project Part 1

I've been working on my Final Year Project for quite some time..and this isn't part 1 of my project actually
We had done theory and target extension work before we build the foundation for the new site for our project >.<
I don't think readers understand our project so far

So here it is..This is the whole system for our project..
Firstly, No, we did not build this friggin' thing..It's a senior work and our job is to research using this system..haha
Our 1st task is to extend the target thingy..and it was done within 2 weeks..We took our sweet time cuz the measurements have to be very accurate..I was already complaining after we completed this task lol.
 Then comes the devil's task...We need to move this whole system to another location..Gosh..
Initially I thought this task is no biggie..Just have to carry the 200kg system..but building foundation is a real bitchy task!

Firstly, we had to dig 3 x 3 feet size hole on the ground..
It was terrible..but I got to release my tension la..I used the hoe and lost my temper on those huge ass stone which are disrupting our work. At one point, I hit so hard that I saw sparks flying haha!
But I ruined the hoe and got scolded la..It was bent d..
How should we know there's a thing called demolition hammer when they didn't tell us -.-"
We digged on the 1st and 2nd day..It was tough!

 Then, I built this cage thingy as reinforcement..It was fun la..just stepping on it and bending it haha
But ah...When the cement was poured in, the whole "reinforcement" collapsed halfway! Haha,..
One heck of a reinforcement yeah? xD

 Hammering in "akar tunjang" for our foundation..Something interesting that we learnt that day

 All things together~
We completed the foundation in 2 days time..and at the end of the day I was quite worried I'll faint right thr..I got to work construction job 1st hand from step 1 like bangla..Gosh

I felt like crying when we almost completed tht friggin' thing...
cuz I couldn't carry anymore bucket of stones and sands from approximately 1.5km away..T.T
Oh and did I mention the uphill slope to the new site? haha..
We fetched those ingredients about 6 times..

We also had to carry this heavy mixer..4 person pushed this mixer uphill..Man...

It was finally done..It doesn't look professional but whatever la eh? If I had to do more..I'll really cry
I was badly sunburnt..So I had my cap and jacket on whole day under the friggin' sun..

I haven't been exposed to the sun for a few months d..and I got much fairer d..Sighhh...now...

 Oh..I missed out smtg..haha
When we were about to pour the cement for the 2nd time, (we had to pour 5 times to fill the hole completely)..my friend who's handling the mixer got so tired and couldn't hold the tilted mixer!
The mixer fell and got stuck in the hole hahaha..It was quite a scene! hahaha

And ahh....I've made some cold jokes when working..I thought it was funny la..Maybe they're too tired to respond hahaha..Ahh..who knows...
I made this joke..If we kept digging we might find gold! and when we're smashing the stones..I said maybe we might find a diamond inside haha..
So lame right? haha..
Okay..now that I realise how lame I sound..Time to sign off!

Sunday, September 8, 2013


I've been like...super busy..haha! Nah..I didn't wanna blog even during sem break
I guess I just don't have much to blog about..
Since I moved to single room, I've been living quite a lonely life..Catching up with friends once in a while..but this is the life I've chosen..I am an introvert person..blabla...Oh I'm getting off topic! haha!
I got to know new friends..My super gay friend who always ask me to go to the gym whenever his crush is there training..According to him that guy is super hot..but..meh~

I'm busy preparing for finals..but I got some time to look at facebook tagged pics..and they were awesome..Almost like how part of my history is written in my blog~
I realise that most of my pics were taken after SPM..
Hm..I really don't remember much without pics but it's alright..The only thing I love about highschool are the friends whom are still in contact with me..Friendship never dies eh ;)

Here are some pics~

Taken before/during foundation..Gosh I love these pics! It also made me realise I look better when I have thin face..Oh how I've grown....FAT

 Haha..I chose this pic cuz Qiao Yen look so funney~ hahaha!
Omg so fat..haha! but she's so pretty now haha
My hair looks hot in this pic haha..I remember when Mikha took this pic he said I'm gonna be a future "chick magnet" hahaha..
That wasn't true..I only got like a few chicks..and the rest are guys o.o
 Oh..this is just a random pic..Just a shoutout to Bra..Ur hair looks awesome here haha
 This pic is taken after I straighten my hair for the 1st time..Looks good but according to them it looks funny..haha
Looking back..who's funny now eh? =P These girls became hotter d and also became my besties~
 This trip is memorable to me..It's a sad memory cuz I lost contact with them..Largely my fault
Sigh. I thought I was mature for my age...my ass..

 This is the 1st time I celebrate bday with my foundation friends..Jiejing's bday~
 Just a random pic in the lab haha..
Our cameron trip..We decided to look like dorks haha..
What I'm really embarrassed about is my choice of clothes and my hair. =.=...
 I really like this pic..Don't know why haha~
 I actually wore my rm10 tshirt bought from tesco to a bday celebration with that hair..Sigh..
How can I step outside looking like that?!
 Our drama presentation..Good times! We're bad boys and she's an aunty
 I like this pic. My pose..!
 Taken during my year 1..also the 1st year for CF..
So whenever they have newbies night..They show this pic on slides and a few other pics..which also have me posing with them..
Man I was so embarrassed cuz I only attended their newbies night hahaha..I attended their newbies night for 2 times..and that was it..I'm too embarrassed to go again haha!

 Some more recent pics of me...Oh yes..I won't get caught with fked up hair d..(hopefully...)

I'm da boss here! Thanks for reading my syok sendiri post..
I'm just relaxing now ~ 8)