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Friday, July 6, 2012

Living My Life

I sometimes wonder is my life too shallow
I don't really have much to complain about my life..frankly just my terrible results xD
Oh..and that I'm not a billionaire by now..I'm 21 already T.T

I wonder if I spend my time to live up to other people's expectation..and really care for it
I was talking to a friend about him not giving a damn about what other thinks about him..like..Like it or not F**k it! haha..
I didn't really have much to say in that....I have always been that way I think...I think that if a person can't accept the way u are...well for me..I'll always have another friend
So far, I'm the one who friendzone ppl...Since I have patience as short as a sneeze or blink...hahaha..that's exaggerating but yeah....it's true..I have not much tolerance...So I will suffer when I work..in about 2 years time...sigh
Finding job for internship is already a big pain in the ass...Seems like no company wants me!
To comfort myself...so far only a few of my coursemates found job...so...ok la T.T

Anyways, my bday week was really awesome!

1. Went TGI Friday with my dear
We ordered the special sauce burger and...half chicken!
Seriously the food there is really awesome...recommended!
Although it's a lil pricey...but imagine that..big plate of delicious food...WAY better than going for a buffet =D

 I got a watch from Mummy...<3
Looks awesome and doesn't cost much..only rm430 =D
Waterproof 10atm..I can wear it for swimming hehe

2. Went sing K with Kajang friends~
Bra sings funny
YC at a cafe...We talked for very long! Longest yc ever...till we have to suggest topic to talk about LOL
but I always enjoy a good long chat la..haha..1 hour is too short for us xD

 Ooh..my favourite part of the night..Suddenly I found a gift box under the table in front of me
When Bra revealed it as his presents to me, I was like o(╥﹏╥)o
Here's me posing with my presents =D
I actually still wear it everywhere...except that I don't put out that big ass key pendant! xD

2. Went to Bukit Tinggi with KL friends
I never thought driving there is such a pain in the a$$
In my opinion...harder and more dangerous than going up Genting...zzz
 Jenny bought this single roll for rm16 hahahaha...before tax ^^
Way overpriced roll~
 The view up the watch tower
We went Sepang after Bukit Tinggi..
Had a really nice meal at ikan bakar shops~ Ooh..the sotong was huge and delicious

The hotel was fully booked there that day! Seriously i was so worried we would have to stay the night far away from the beach..T.T
However, thanks to Jacho, we were able to rent this wonderfully decorated house for only rm200 per night!
Really cheap and nice laa...but it was fun to cheat them it was the opposite house at 1st 
3 of us went to look at the house before the rest of us..We all went after dinner
The opposite house was full of weeds in the front porch hahaha! Really is some kinda abandoned house..
I went as far as stopping my car in front of the opposite house...can't help Lol-ing at their reactions

The house that we stayed in damn nice la =D
makes u wanna say...ahh life!

There were alot of cockroaches crawling around the house...That night Jacho (our hero) killed about 5 of them..LOL

So we decideed to take a photo depicting our reactions when we saw a cockroach..brilliant idea xD


Hahaha...look at this pic below.
Need i say more?
 Awesome trip with TD6 people once again...I dun really feel like uploading many pics...refer to fb if u wanna see more haha..
I do hope our trip will be soon! Going out this bunch of ppl is always FUN!

Signing off for now..Nights~


Fam said...

walao syok la ur bday!! stayover wif frens some more!! untung laa~~ haha, onli the cockroach part sounds disgusting, othr than dat, nice!